Pastor Aaron Brummitt

Aaron Brummitt is the pastor of Lighthouse Ana Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri, and the founder of Repentance Cry Ministries.  Additionally, he is an author, street evangelist, conference speaker, and the host of the critically acclaimed radio show, The Lighthouse.

On November 23, 2003, Aaron was licensed to preach and began his ministry in the deserts of Iraq. As a U.S. soldier, he established weekly church services for his battalion and devoted his off-duty hours to mentoring new converts. Additionally, while deployed to the city of Baghdad, he was able to provide security for the inception of the first biblical church in Iraq in over a thousand years.

After Aaron’s return from deployment in 2004, he worked as a minister in both the Greene County Jail as well as the Fulton Correctional Facility. Then in 2006, when Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana, he requested to mobilize with his unit's first response team. Upon arriving to New Orleans, he set up rescue efforts in the Lower Ninth Ward of the city. Here, he and his team worked to clear streets, search homes, and distribute food.  Furthermore, in the midst of the relief effort, he began to notice the moral and spiritual decline taking place in the U.S. Army. In response, he established several military-led revival meetings where numerous soldiers surrendered their lives to the Lord.

In 2007 and 2008, Aaron traveled to South America to build two elementary schools and a small Baptist orphanage. After returning home, Aaron became greatly burdened with the desperate need for foreign evangelism. Consequently, in 2011, he departed for the Philippines on a four month mission trip. In the remote regions of Luzon, and with the assistance of several local pastors, two new church plants were established.

While in the Philippines, another important conviction settled upon Aaron’s heart. Working with an American street evangelist, he began to realize the importance of open air preaching and street ministries. In 2012,  following his return to the United States, he founded Repentance Cry Ministries (RCM), an organization focused on preparing the next generation of field preachers. Today, RCM has grown to become one of the largest street preaching ministries in the nation, with 100,000 online followers.  Seeing many rogue street preachers and unrestrained street ministries, it is the desire of RCM to return street evangelism to its roots.

In 2013, through the growth of the street ministry, Aaron began  Lighthouse Ana Baptist Church (LABC), and a year later, the church was chartered and constituted. As an independent Anabaptist church, LABC strives to be free from all manmade doctrines or institutions. The principle of Sola Scriptura is taken very seriously and is fully exercised  in all matters of faith and practice.

Lastly, in 2014, Aaron graduated Missouri State University, with a Bachelor of Science in Religion. His schooling has given him an insider’s view into the post-modern world of secular education. Additionally, following his graduation, he set up Lighthouse Academy to train the next generation of preachers and apologists. In the upcoming year, it is his hope to finish a ground breaking new online university for the training of Christians worldwide. As an apologist, Aaron’s public debates against skeptics and scoffers have influenced a new generation of Christians to stand firm in their faith.

Today, Aaron lives in Springfield, and continues to serve as pastor and teacher at LABC. It is his fervent desire and prayer that the remnant will arise in accordance with II Chronicles 7:14.  “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

The chronological listing above provides a simple overview of Aaron's ministry.
For a more complete listing contact our ministry’s office by email.

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